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Filming in New Mexico

Welcome to I-25 Studios in New Mexico, where you’ll find great people, great stages, and great incentives. Need more? Here are just a few reasons why New Mexico and I-25 Studios have fast become one of the most popular, and profitable, places in the country to shoot. 

Why New Mexico?

Sustainable and reliable Cash Rebate. That’s 25-30 cents back on every qualifying dollar! An actual cash rebate, not a tax credit. That’s a big deal!

  • 310 days of sunshine (great for shooting and living in!)

  • One time zone to LA

  • Two-hour flight to LA

  • One-day trucking from LA

  • Large professional crew base

  • Excellent facilities and equipment

  • Great light and great locations

  • Friendly people and a Film Office that bends over backwards to make sure you have everything you need

They don't call it the Land of Enchantment for nothing. In the Winter 2019 edition of Moviemaker magazine, Albuquerque was named the "#1 best place to live and work as a Movie Maker."

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